Thursday, March 15, 2007

Math parent groups across the country

Visit Weapons of Math Destruction in Alpine City, Utah for excellent advice if you're moving to a new school district and want to avoid fuzzy math. They list districts known to use constructivist curricula. If you want to find out what damage has already been done, they list placement tests for recommended math curricula so you can help your kids catch up until the schools respond. Plus, this site features comics that will make you smile even if you want to cry.

The "math wars" may have subsided in New York, but myths about math education are still alive and well in Missouri. Parents, a list of myths you may hear that emphasize methodology over content is available at the NYC HOLD Honest Open Logical Decisions on Mathematics Education Reform web site.

Washington State's Where's the Math? has a list of critiques of math education research. They also offer parents advice on how to talk to your schools administrators and teachers.

And Mathematically Correct which originated in California provides program reviews of math curricula, including the math programs used in CPS: Investigations, Connected Math, and Core Plus (scroll down for links).