Thursday, March 15, 2007

Welcome to Math That Works

We'll use this blog to publish information about math curricula used in the Columbia Public Schools and the school district curriculum review that is currently in progress.

Links to recent media coverage are on the right. Be sure to watch Columbia Daily Tribune reporter Janese Heavin's blog "Class Notes" at

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Anonymous said...

I'm new to this blogging thing.

I wanted to post this link to an article that is directly relevant to what we are doing here in Columbia.

Missouri Math said...

Hi anonymous, There are a couple of relevant articles in the Hoover Institution's Education Next publication:
Miracle Math and An A-maze-ing Approach to Math. Thanks for bringing that up! Michelle

Anonymous said...

First time at this. I couldn't understand the math my 3rd grade granddaughter was bringing home; we'd both be in tears trying to do it. We finally put her in KUMON, and now she's in fourth grade, knows her multiplication tables, can do long division in her head and is in Math club at school. She has more confidence. I had no idea others were struggling with this. We felt completely alone. I guess we have dealt with it, but only by going outside of the school.

Anonymous said...

I would like to clear something up about the so called math review. The Powers to Be like to "pretend" that they are reviewing new math programs but I believe they have no intention on changing from TERC. The administration tries to make the teachers feel like they have an option for new programs. But what choices do we get?? We get incomplete presentations and incomplete information about the other programs. We are being SOLD on the idea of TERC and guess who is the salesman. THERE are A LOT of TEACHERS WHO HATE THE TERC TOO. But also like having a job!! We don't want to be labeled troublemakers or having a NEGATIVE attitude since we are not apparently professional enough to have an honest opinion. Do you really think that your teacher is allowed to sit in front of a parent and say I don't like the math program either?? Think again. We are told what to teach and when. I think some of the TERC thinking is good and bad. I think that we should be able to fine tune any program. I think the more tools the better. Old or new as long as every student understands math. The shoe does not fit on everyones foot.

Jen said...

I believe many teachers feel the same way. It is really a shame that they cannot express their dislike for these curricula for risk of loosing their jobs. Critical thinking and problem solving are great concepts, but only after one has learned the fundamentals. TERC is teaching advanced concepts to children who can barely write their name, yet they are expected to provide an explanation in writing (or illlustration)?